Emily Bossabella

We first meet Emily at school taking on bullies in the playground. Fifteen years later she’s training to be a police officer. But moving from training to the real world of crime fighting isn’t as straight forward as she expects.


Background Information

Feature Films:

Voiced by: Yasemin Sema Basharan (adult). Lydia Stables (child)

Animated by: Eren Basharan & Nigel Kellaway

Designer: Eren Basharan

Inspiration: Kim Possible, Judy Hopps (Zootropolis), TinTin, Mega Man, Mappy, Maria McShelley from Leo Stropic, Eren Basharan.

Character Information

Age: 22

Sex: Female

Personality: Resourceful, helpful, feisty, sweet, smart, caring, brave, headstrong, athletic, kind, fearless, heroic, daring, friendly, mature, forgiving, energetic

Appearance: Slender, beautiful, fair skin, dark nude lips, long thick very dark brown hair, brown eyes

Occupation: Police Detective, Police Officer (formerly), Cleaner (formerly)

Alignment: Good

Home: Grand Palsa Stacks, London, Cornfolk Country (formerly)

Relatives: Thomas & Jennifer Bossabella (parents), 4-10 unnamed cousins, Joe (uncle), Ann (aunty), Terrance (grandfather), Lydia (niece)

Friends: Liam Sasbar, Jonaville, Jack & Joe, Warick, Farmer Mackey and his animals, Matty & Mr. Miyagi, Mr. Nice Guy, Eric Sasbar, Mordecai, Chief Mealow, Mayor Pokerdots, Mr. Business (formerly)

Nemesis: Mr. Business, Bonita Bopular, Mr. Nice Guy (formerly), Eric Sasbar (formerly), Mordecai (formerly)

Likes: Helping others, fashion, being prepared, love, equality, Mr. Business (formerly), animals, Liam.

Dislikes: Being mistaken, criminals, Bonita, working as a cleaner, chaos, prejudice, injustice, Mr. Business’s evil plan, Mr. Business.

Weapons: Tranquiliser gun, taser, handcuffs, fists

Quote: “Who am I?” “I’m Bossabella. Emily Bossabella.”