Our Studio

Our Studio

Our studio space is hidden away in Tottenham, north London at Euroart Studios. We share a building with lots of other artists and makers. Currently the space we have is only 3 metres x 3 metres, but we make every centimetre of the space work for us. Many trips have been made to our local Ikea to get shelving and storage boxes.

We moved in to the studio at the end of June 2017. Since that time we’ve turned it into a puppet making factory. We have a lot of puppets to make.

This winter we decided to get a heater for our space. It takes the chill off the room. You really notice it when you come into the room from the corridor,a wave of warmth envelopes you.

Our other way of keeping warm is copious mugs of tea. I must admit we are both tea addicts. We also seem to be slowly collecting mugs. There are two of us but on a last count we had seven mugs.

We will be opening our Studio to the public from the 1st – 3rd June, 2018. This is part of Euroart Open Studios. If you’re in the area on that weekend please drop by and say hello. We are in Studio 43.