First sequence filming completed

First sequence filming completed

Today we completed the filming of our first sequence. It has taken us along time. We started back in February it is now the last week of May.

Admittedly we only work Fridays, but even so it has taken us ages. We have learnt a lot and in tackling this scene we have started to see what our puppets can do and what they struggle with.

One major change is that we started using plasticine mouths and then very quickly switched to paper mouths. Why? The plasticine mouths need an awful lot of clean up when switching. The black plasticine in particular leaves a nasty mark that looks like grime. Okay for this scene of kids in a park but not for scenes with adult characters.

We may try Fimo, the bakeable clay for the adult characters mouths but really the paper mouths have been an adequate alternative. Plus they don’t stick out so much on the faces which means for some angles they read a lot better on the screen.

The set we built was a big one and the amount of space we had to move about in the studio was very minimal. Because it was so big we were only able to build half of it at a time. This meant leaving a lot of shots of Emily until we had finished shots of Modercai, Conor and the Little Boy.

hen after drawing out all the positions of the characters on paper we built the other side of the set. Adding other park elements, like a bench, lampposts, a litter bin and another tree. Many elements were reused but disguised by reconfiguring their positions.

Then we started filming again.