The Joy of Lasers

As Eren developed the storyboards I began thinking more and more about how we could use new production techniques in our production process. Something that i’ve wanted to try out for a long time has been laser cutting.

On the previous film project I’d worked on with Jimmy Watkins quite a few sets had been designed on a computer using Adobe Illustrator. From he digital files templates were printed out and pieces hand cut from card and poly board (foam core).

This time, where possible I wanted to streamline the process and save myself the task of cutting out hundreds of pieces of card and poly board. I found a local Makerspace called Building BloQs and after completing their induction training I was able to start using their Trotec Laser Cutting Machine to build sets.

In many respects this piece of equipment has revolutionised my set construction process, I can design things with very complex shapes and patterns that I would never have tried before but which the laser can cut in seconds.

The pieces that I want to interlock or connect like a model kit are now easy to configure. This also means it is easier to create pieces that can be easily assembled and disassembled.

The biggest problem now is finding the budget to pay for laser cutting time.

My first Laser Cut at Building BloQs – so cool!

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