About this site

We’ve only just started to develop this website. As we get stuck further into making the film we will add a lot more. Useful tips, discoveries, frustrations, BTS Videos (behind the Scenes), so please sign up to our newsletter to … Read More

Open Studios 2018

We are taking part in Euroart Open Studios. During the first weekend of June 2018 you will find us in Tottenham. If you come along please drop by our studio. We will be handing out promotional postcards, plus on Saturday … Read More

First sequence filming completed

Today we completed the filming of our first sequence. It has taken us along time. We started back in February it is now the last week of May. Admittedly we only work Fridays, but even so it has taken us … Read More

Starting to film

After much building and planning we have finally started filming. The space we have been using to build and create we now needed to adapt into a studio. We blocked out the windows at the top of the room last … Read More

Custom Clay Colours

One of the biggest challenges we’ve had so far is matching the painted head colours with the plastacine arms, bodies and legs. When trying to work this out I remembered one of my students from almost 10 years ago, who … Read More

Our Studio

Our studio space is hidden away in Tottenham, north London at Euroart Studios. We share a building with lots of other artists and makers. Currently the space we have is only 3 metres x 3 metres, but we make every … Read More

The leap from 2D to 3D

It took us along time to work out how to best make the jump from the 2D designs that Eren has made in his storyboards to the 3-Dimensional puppets we are now creating. In fact it is something that we … Read More

The Joy of Lasers

As Eren developed the storyboards I began thinking more and more about how we could use new production techniques in our production process. Something that i’ve wanted to try out for a long time has been laser cutting. On the … Read More

Creating Jennifer Bossabella

Jennifer Bossabella was our second character to be made and completed. We learnt a lot from making the our first puppet Thomas Bossabella.